Cookery classes

One of the most complex cuisines of South Asia, Sri Lankan food is influenced both by its proximity to South India and the various colonial rulers of its past.

The national cuisine mainly consists of curry and rice, usually consisting of a “main curry” of fish, chicken, pork or mutton, as well as several other curries made with vegetables, lentils and even fruit.

Gayani organises Sri Lankan cookery classes at the No.1 Dewmini Roti Shop for around Rs 2000 for six curries. Classes last approximately three hours and you can choose what sort of dishes you would like to make. A typical menu might include spicy wattakka (pumpkin curry), brinjal pahi (eggplant curry), devilled chicken, lentil daal, kiribath (coconut rice) and poppadoms.

Gayani is an excellent teacher and her cookery classes are guaranteed fun – even better, you can eat the rewards afterwards and take the recipes away to try at home! For more information contact the No.1 Dewmini Roti Shop.


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